Laundry Love Ministry in Partnership with St. Mark’s Altadena!

The Youth and Family Ministry wants to bring Laundry Love to COS!!

What is Laundry Love? Laundry Love is a project that Churches, High Schools, Communities or groups of people get involved in where they raise money and volunteer to wash the clothing of people in the community that could otherwise not afford it. This includes, people who are homeless, struggling with food insecurity or for any reason a person might not be able to afford doing laundry.  These groups take over a Laundromat in the community once a month and open it up to those people.  

Watch this Video of an Episcopal Church in our Diocese doing this project!

When is it? This is an event that happens once a month and it will be on the first friday of the Month beginning May 4th, 2018. It will start at 6PM and our Laundromat is located in Eagle Rock!  Finding a laundromat that will partner with us is the most difficult part of setting all this up, BUT we found a great place and a manager that is happy to host us at their location!

What do we need? 
1. Quarters: Each night of Laundry Love costs about $500. This allows us to do about 125 loads of laundry for the community. Over the course of the year we will need to raise about $6000 total (our partnership with St. Mark’s Altadena lowers our exposure to about $3000). So start saving your change and quarters or come talk to Gabe about how you can help!!

2. VOLUNTEERS: The Youth and Families are committed to be a part of this project, BUT we still need more volunteers. Volunteers on these Laundry Love nights are essential because YOU are the smiling face that greets our guests, or helps them put their laundry in the dryer or simply has a conversation that can uplift the spirit of a person who may be struggling. YOU are the most important part of Laundry Love nights, because it is not just about washing clothes, but about letting our guests know they are valued and loved.

Call or Email Gabe (626) 282-5147 ext 23 or to talk more about this project!