Praying Towards Sunday

Trinity Sunday – The First Sunday after Pentecost

Since my first year here at COS in 2008, I have asked us as a congregation to recognize the members of the ‘adult’ choir, Our Saviour Choir.  This year, once again, I will ask us to acknowledge the many hours and service commitments these members of the choir have dedicated to singing, leading and joining us in praise and prayer.

Our regular Sunday liturgies are the “heart” of our work. These singers, both volunteer and staff are:  *Matt Aldrich, Michele Baker, Tiffany Bowles, Dona Beth Downey, *Brian Dyer, *Phil Gold, Ursula Hawkins, Lisa Hsu, Juli Kennedy, Ronnie Nagata, *Rebecca Rasmussen, *Polly Sablan, Phyllis Scorcia, Kim Sirean, Kaoru Tamura, Patti Teele, Cheryl Townsend.

I have asked them to give me a summary of their years in this choir, and, if they began in children or youth choirs here at COS.  Here is a sample:

Michele Baker, soprano, 1970 *48 years

Phyllis Scorcia, soprano, 1971 *47 years and 1962-71 in primary and junior choirs *9 years

Cheryl Townsend, soprano, 1981 *37 years

Kim Sirean, soprano, 1998 *20 years

Lisa Hsu, soprano, April 2014

Tiffany Bowles, alto, September 2014

Polly Sablan, alto, January 2008, then full time 2010

Such a commitment to this parish and to the music of the church!  Thank you to each and every member of the choir.

There are many others who have sung with us as “extra” singers, and they are very much a part of this “family of music”.

As we sing this final service on Trinity Sunday, as a full choir, I know there are others in this congregation who might consider becoming a part of this ministry. It is a real commitment of energy, time and you will be rewarded by enduring friendships, and a real understanding of the role of music in our liturgy. I encourage you to consider joining this GREAT GROUP of singers!

Blessings to us all as the summer comes, the quartet will sing the month of June and then we will have soloists for the months of July and August.