Announcements from the Vestry

The Vestry has chosen Patrick Crandall to serve another term as Junior Warden for the English speaking branch of the Church of Our Saviour.  Ivy Qi was chosen as the Junior Warden for the Mandarin speaking branch. The Junior Wardens are the wardens of the people. These two individuals are your voices to the vestry. Do not hesitate to contact them about your hopes, dreams and concerns.

The members of the Parish Profile Committee have been selected. They are: (in alphabetical order)

            -Joshua Alverenga

            - Meredith Brucker

            - Nancy Duling

            - Katherine Feng

            - Ben Harrington

            - Eric Miller

  - Maureen Sprunger

            - Charlotte Van Fleet

These individuals all bring wonderful gifts to the table. They will be headed up by Paul Kilian.

The Parish Profile Committee will be commissioned on Sunday May 6, 2018.

This committee will begin work immediately.

The work of the Parish Profile Committee is very important to help us (the Church) determine our needs for the future. It is important that all members of the parish participate in the process of gathering information.