L.A. City Pilgrimage

LACP, for me has become an important Summer time ritual.  Every Summer for the last 3 Junes, I have embarked with students on a week long urban immersion experience designed to shift perspectives and embrace difference.  We very intentionally use the word “pilgrimage” not “mission” or “work” trip because for us this is about a journey where along the way we learn who our neighbor is.

Pilgrimage’s focus is to foster an intentional community to go out in and around Downtown Los Angeles and give students an immersion experience that allows them to wrestle with tough questions and issues around privilege, food insecurity, the many types of homelessness and poverty, and other issues.  We ask of them to consider what, as disciples of Christ, are we called to do to love our neighbor.  

We also want students to explore the many different cultures that make up our city and a amazing way to do that is through food.  We seek out cuisines and restaurants that give our students a new experience each night. 

This year our pilgrims from COS are Audrey Sei and Emma Voris, and they will be sharing their experiences at our forum presentation on July 15th.  I hope you join us and hear first hand how our Pilgrimage has gone!