What’s Going On with the Lord’s Prayer at 10 a.m.?

If you have been at our 10 a.m. Sunday service (or our 11 a.m. Wednesday service) since the end of May, you will have noticed that we are using the contemporary form of the Lord’s Prayer during our worship service. Although it’s hard to exactly call it a “new” translation, since it has been a part of our Book of Common Prayer for over 40 years now, it still may be somewhat unfamiliar to many of you. The cadence is slightly different, and there are a few words replaced here and there (“sins” instead of “trespasses” for example). Several people have commented, in one way or another, “but I don’t know this version by heart, and now I have to pay attention”… which is exactly the point of using it. Sometimes praying prayers we don’t know by heart compels us to listen to them in a whole new way, and to hear God speaking to us in unfamiliar ways. So I invite you to open your ears, and open your hearts, and experience God coming at you from a slightly different angle for a while.

And fear not… as is the case with most of our liturgy, nothing will last forever. So we are using this format of the Lord’s Prayer through the summer months, and will be returning to the “old” version in the fall. Perhaps by then, that version will sound somewhat fresh and different as well, as God continues to be revealed in new and wonderful ways.