An Update on the Parish Profile

THE PARISH PROFILE QUESTIONNAIRE IS READY!!! -- Sunday morning at the Forum, Paul Kilian, Chairman of the Profile Committee, presented a three page Questionnaire to about 35 parishioners. This is the first, very important step in the process in preparing the document which prospective priests will rely on when considering whether they should consider a call from COS. Paul announced that the Questionnaire would be distributed via every way possible to every member of this parish, and the Committee wants each and every one of us to fill it out.

The first sheet asks for your basic data, such as your name, gender, marital status, home town, years in the parish etc. It is quickly completed. The second and third pages contains the following questions:

17. What does COS do well? What are its strengths? Which areas are enriching to you?

18. What are our weak areas? Areas where we need to change, or improve upon and/or grow.

19. Where do you see opportunities we could take advantage of, or needs we could meet?

20. What do you think are major obstacles or challenges to the church going forward?

21. Generally, speaking what are your hopes and dreams for COS? What should she become?

22. What characteristics, qualities, abilities and focus would you like in our new Rector?

Your next opportunity to become involved in the process is SATURDAY, JULY 14 from 9:00am to 1:00pm in Cleaver Hall. The Rev. Bob Honeychurch will facilitate a discussion entitled "SHARING OUR STORY, HISTORY DAY. (Lunch will be served, but Fr. Bob requests that you RSVP so that we are able to serve everyone,)