Parish Profile Committee Report

Church of Our Saviour’s Parish Profile Committee (PPC) officially launched its mission this past Sunday at the Forum. PPC chair, Paul Kilian lead a detailed discussion of the work ahead as the congregation seeks to provide input to that will assist in the creation of an updated Parish Profile and inform the search for a new rector.

Paul explained the four-fold purpose of the Parish Profile document. It will . . .

  1. Help us get a picture of ourselves as a community; who we really are in all of our many facets.
  2. Serve to bring us together as a community as we work through this process.
  3. Become a tool for the Search Committee, sharing with the larger community who we are.
  4. Allow potential rectors to determine if they are a good fit in meeting the needs and goals of COS.

The Church of Our Saviour Parish Profile Parishioner Questionnaire created by the PPC was distributed. It will be mailed to all members and it will also be available online for congregants to complete. The questionnaire will allow every member to have a voice as the Church prepares to call a new rector. The deadline for the questionnaire is August 13, 2018. At that time, the PPC will tally and review every questionnaire as they prepare the larger Profile document for the Vestry.

Following Paul’s presentation, those in attendance broke into roundtable groups. Each table was facilitated by a member of the PPC. The discussions were a beginning to the Parish Profile process with many ideas and thoughts brought forth.

  • Parishioners asked questions about the process.
  • They offered insights in to what they perceive as important topics to be explored further.
  • They talked about what brought them to COS and what keeps them attending and involved.
  • Several discussions focused on the COS campus and its beauty.
  • They talked about COS outreach ministries and Our Saviour Center.

The roundtable discussions were a solid beginning to a journey that is tentatively scheduled to be completed by mid-November 2018. Next Saturday, July 14 is the first of two Saturday Seminars that will be held to allow members to gather and further discuss and explore the Parish Profile process as well as the questionnaire.

All parishioners are encouraged to attend one (or both) of the Saturday Parish Profile Seminars (July 14 at 9am and July 21 at 10am). Lunch will be served at the conclusion of the meeting. You can sign up on the patio following Church services or by emailing your reservation to Paul Kilian at Additionally, the Forum on Sunday, July 29 has been set aside as the official Questionnaire Assistance Fill-out Day. All who have questions or need help in completing the questionnaire can join the Profile committee members, who will be on hand to offer assistance and answer questions.

Working with Paul Kilian on the Parish Profile Committee are Joshua Alvarenga, Meredith Brucker, Nancy Duling, Katherine Feng, Eric Miller, Maureen Sprunger, and Charlotte Van Fleet.