Our Saviour Center


Since founding Our Saviour Center in 1985, Church of Our Saviour has generously given of our time, talent and treasure to live OSC’s mission “to share love, hope and resources with our neighbors in need”. Thanks to the combined generosity and support of COS, Federal, State, County and City grants, as well as private foundations and donors like you, Our Saviour Center impacted over 23,000 lives in 2017, including:

  • 1,400 Emergency Shelter nights via the Motel Voucher Program

  • 6,000 patient visits to the Cleaver Family Wellness Clinic

  • 1,000 children enrolled in FREE soccer program

  • 14,200 households received food

  • 417 children received over 130,000 hours of after-school programming the Dorris Dann Kids Campus

The above services were delivered in 2017 by only (6) full time OSC employees. COS’s support of OSC continues to impact one of the neediest communities in CA. In 2106, El Monte, with a population of approximately 115,000 people, remains a community of great need, as reflected in the following 2016 statistics:

  • An estimated 36% of El Monte’s children live below the poverty line

  • El Monte’s median household income is $38,085

  • Approximately 25% of El Monte residents live in poverty

  • 30% of residents under age 65 are without health insurance

OSC receives funding from private foundations and various government programs to fund our client focused services such as:

  • After-school programming for children aged K-8 grades funded by County, City and State

  • programs

  • Medical services to Medi-Cal eligible patients funded by Federal, State and County monies

  • Food to the hungry funded by State, County and Federal programs

  • Motel vouchers to homeless families funded by Federal programs

Our Saviour Center is immensely grateful for COS’s continued funding of our “overhead” costs required to operate our Center. OSC receives NO Federal, State, County, City or Foundation monies to fund these costs which include:

  • Rent

  • Insurance

  • Salaries

  • Electricity

On behalf of the THOUSANDS of people whose lives are touched EACH YEAR by OSC, thank you for your 33 years of support. We look forward to continuing doing God’s work for many years to come.