Transition Means “Get Involved”

Our Transition Period is an exciting time in the life of COS, and your personal challenge is to catch the energy of it and do your part. Our Parish Profile Committee is now in full swing.  And If you didn’t know – together, over the next several months, we will be creating a Parish Profile: a document for which we’re assembling a complete and various account of everything about the Church of Our Saviour that a potential rector might want to know:  History, Finances, Demographics, Facilities, Hopes & Dreams . . . you name it.

But perhaps the most critical piece is the one we cannot do without our parishioners’ participation: the telling of their stories—individually and collectively.

Our new Rector will want to know who we are:

  • What we love about this church

  • What we think we could do better

  • What needs are being met, or not being met

  • Where we’ve come from, and where we think we’d like to go

And this data is not just for our new Pastor; it’s for us as well. This is such a powerful opportunity for us to take stock of Who–and-What we really are, along with Who we think we might want to become.

So how is this information to be gathered?  In several ways:

First, we are developing a three-page Questionnaire which we are encouraging everyone to fill out and submit. It will be available soon.

Second, we’re holding two special 9 o’clock Forums, on the second and last Sundays of July, to explain the process, to answer questions, and even to walk you through the Questionnaire if you’d find that helpful.

And third, we’re offering two Saturday morning Seminars (lunch included). One is on Saturday, July 14th at 9:00 a.m. facilitated by Fr. Bob, to gather your personal church histories and stories, and one is on Saturday, July 21st at 10:00 a.m. facilitated by Tom Shenk, to talk about what we’re doing well, and where that can take us.

These two Saturday Seminars require you to sign up (we want to have enough food); so on Sunday mornings there will be a table in the Patio for such purpose. Or you may email your reservation(s) to Paul Kilian at  You may also leave him a phone message at (626) 799-6802.

This is your chance to help define the church you want us to be.  See you at the meetings.