Parish Profile Committee Update

The first major project of the Parish Profile Committee—Congregational Input—is now entering its third phase. The first phase featured some preliminary or “warm-up” activities to explain the
information gathering process and to get our brain waves acclimated. It began with an explanatory Sunday morning Forum and continued with two Saturday seminars led respectively by Father Bob and Tom Shenk.

The second phase was disseminating the three-page Questionnaires. In order to be sure everyone had an opportunity to fill one out, the forms were made available on campus and online, and copies were mailed to every name in the church directory. A wrap-up Sunday morning Forum at the end of July provided live-human assistance to anyone seeking guidance in filing his or hers out.

The final, this is it, no more stalling, turn-it-in due date was Monday, August 13th. A total of 168
Questionnaires have been submitted. A big Thank You to each and everyone of you who took the time to plumb your mind and heart and then write it all down. Now begins the third phase of the congregational input project, as the Parish Profile Committee reads, digests, and complies that data you have provided. This is a daunting task, and it is our intention to have the results collated, analyzed, summarized and available to you by mid-October.