Profile Committee Update

A big thanks to all the parishioners who submitted their Parish Profile Questionnaires. The grand total stands at 170!  Of that number, 67 of you chose to fill out the online version. 170 Surveys  is quite a fair sampling of the members of our parish. You submitters will have an influential say in how we calculate the culture and climate of COS, where we see pluses and minuses amidst church life, and what kinds of hopes and dreams we have for the future of the church.

Each of the Profile Committee members has taken one of the “essay” questions to tabulate. We will be looking especially for areas that get a lot of comments, and the kinds of suggestions embedded in them. We will also be noting the occasional “outside the box” observations that tell us about the breadth of our congregations’ interests and preferences.

We anticipate this stage taking some time. We will meet mid-September to compare each others’ results, and from there work on developing a unified format/approach to writing it all up. Ultimately, at some point in early-to-mid October, we hope to have the results all written up. We want to be sure we observe all Diocesan requirements as well as be fair and inclusive to the congregation. This is, after all, an important element in our comprehensive Profile report that will be used to attract a new rector.

Once this “congregational input section” is completed we will (a) make it available to the congregation, and (b) move on to researching and writing up the other elements of the Parish Profile.