Y(OUR) Saviour Center

Welcome to The Center Spotlight.  Please look in this section each week for highlights of things happening at (Y)OUR Saviour Center in El Monte.


Our Saviour Center’s original outreach ministry, the Food Pantry, is serving more families in 2018 than last year.  Thanks to the hard work of over 25 volunteers, including COS’s own Basil Johnson, David Waller, Patti Teele, Roger Cairns - Berteau, Michael Watkins, Manuel Cabrales, and led by Diane Williams, the Food Pantry has already received over 8,035 Household visits this year.  We provide dry good, fresh fruit, vegetables and meat or poultry when available, so the food insecure in the San Gabriel valley can have just a bit more to eat on that day.  If you’re ever interested in volunteering at the Food Pantry, please email Diane at DianeW@our-center.org and she’ll be glad to chat with you. And look for the return of “Protein Sundays” very soon!