Y(OUR) Saviour Center

Welcome to The Center Spotlight.  Please look in this section each week for highlights of things happening at (Y)OUR Saviour Center in El Monte.


We would like to share with you a special act of kindness and a new connection for the food pantry at Our Saviour Center that occurred last week.  I received a phone call from a mother with a handi-capable son that she is trying to find ways for him to contribute and be more involved in the community.  They decided they could go the grocery store and purchase food to give to the food pantry.  The two of them plus his caregiver showed up the next during food pantry, he was so excited that he had found a loaf of bread to bring to us and he carried it very proudly to present to us, we could all see and feel his joy in contributing to us, his mother had brought other items also to donate, but the bread was his special contribution.

The next day they came by with a donation of 4 cases of eggs (60 dozen), they go out to a special farm in Ontario twice a month to pick-up eggs because of her sons many food allergies. We were very excited about the donation and I was excited to learn more about the farm.  After talking for a while she offered to pick-up eggs for us when she goes every two weeks, so I called the Egg Ranch to figure out a payment plan with them and discovered that they delivery to some of our local businesses in El Monte and we could have our eggs delivered for a price much better than I had been paying.   So a wonderful act of kindness and a new food connection was made.   

Protein Sundays will be returning soon to COS