Y(OUR) Saviour Center

Welcome to The Center Spotlight.  Please look in this section each week for highlights of things happening at (Y)OUR Saviour Center in El Monte.

Our Saviour Center, located in the heart of El Monte is growing again! 

El Monte’s international population has changed over the years, just like San Gabriel and much of the San Gabriel Valley.  Almost 20% of El Monte resident’s now identify as “Asian” which includes Mandarin, Cantonese and Vietnamese language households.  Our Saviour Center must meet the needs of this growing and diverse population by providing our services, in this case, our medical services at the Cleaver Family Wellness Clinic, not only in English and Spanish, but also in Mandarin.

The Cleaver Family Wellness Clinic (CFWC) is pleased to announce our newest staff member, part-time Medical Interpreter, Yudan Wang.  Yudan will provide medical interpretation services in her native language, Mandarin, to what we hope and expect to be many new patients at CFWC.   A big “Thank You” to Ivy Qi, Vestry member, Registered Nurse and Mandarin speaker, who provided invaluable assistance during the selection and interview process of our medical interpreter candidates. Ivy, we quite literally could not have taken this step without you! THANK YOU!

Look for upcoming announcements regarding when CFWC will actually begin treating Mandarin language patients.  And in the meantime, if you or others are interested in receiving your medical care at CFWC, please just contact Jane Fall at JaneMF@Our-Center.org.


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