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Welcome to The Center Spotlight.  Please look in this section each week for highlights of things happening at (Y)OUR Saviour Center in El Monte.

We would like to share with you a special act of kindness that resulted in a new resource for at Our Saviour Center’s Food Pantry. I received a phone call from a mother with a handi-capable son. The mother is trying to find ways for her son to contribute and be more involved in the community. They decided they could go the grocery store and purchase food to give to the food pantry. The mother, son and the caregiver showed up the next during food pantry hours. The son was so excited to donate a loaf bread to the Food Pantry. The son carefully carried the bread and very proudly presented it us. Everyone could see and feel his joy when he gave us this loaf of bread. What a special treat this was for our Food Pantry volunteers, including COS Parishioners Basil Johnson, Patty Teele, Roger Cairns and David Waller.

But wait; there’s more! The mother, son and caregiver came back the next day with a donation of 4 cases of eggs (60 dozen). The mother buys her eggs from a special farm in Ontario because of her son’s food allergies. Of course, we were very excited about the egg donation and I was thrilled to learn more about the farm. This sweet lady even offered to pick up eggs for OSC’s Food Pantry each time she visited the farm. While we didn’t take her up on her generous offer, we did negotiate a wonderful price with the Egg Ranch in Ontario and now we have a consistent supply of fresh eggs for more than 300 families who visit our Food Pantry each week. God is at work at OSC!

Also, please note: Protein Sundays will be returning soon to COS


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