From the Sr. Warden


The Vestry held its monthly meeting on Sept 3, 2018. The Revered Canon Joanna Satorius-Canon for Formation and Transition Ministry attended as a guest speaker. She spoke to the vestry about the next steps the vestry and this church would be taking as the Parish Profile committee is compiling its data and preparing to complete the final document of the Parish Profile. Canon Satorius described various search processes we could undertake She described how the parish profile and its summary will be used to attract a field of potential rector candidates. The information she provided will be invaluable as the vestry plans for the actual search process.


Parish Profile

The questionnaires are in and the profile committee is working to tabulate the data from the questionnaires. The information obtained from the questionnaires will not only be helpful in completing the parish profile, but the answers will be valuable for the vestry as it moves forward. The answers to the narrative questions are going to help us determine the things that we are doing right, (and there are many of them). The answers will also help us determine where we are falling short. Our short comings will be areas to examine and consider as we move forward.

The document of the parish profile will contain a brief history of the church, financial information, demographics, our mission statement, hopes and dreams for the future and qualities sought in a new rector. In addition, there will be 11 questions in which the answers need to be written in a narrative form.  The vestry and the parish profile committee will have input towards the answers to these questions.

The Vestry should have a preliminary report on the findings of the parish profile committee at the October vestry meeting. The final version of the profile will be approved by the Vestry and the Dioceses.


Search Decisions

The Vestry is in the beginning stages of considering what type of search process this church will begin. The process will include selecting a Search Committee and determining the scope of our search. The vestry will appoint the search committee and then decide the scope of our search, be it a national (or international) search or a more regional search.

Another “search” option is to forgo a search and ask the Diocese to appoint a Priest-In-Charge (Under Special Circumstances). In this option a priest would be appointed for a period of at least a year. The Vestry and congregation have at least a year to discern if this is the correct match for this congregation.

In conjunction with the Finance Committee a search budget will be developed. Along with a budget for repairs on the Rectory.

The vestry will prayerfully and carefully consider all options in making the decision concerning the search process.


Strategic Plan

 Following the vestry retreat, ministry liaisons were developed that better align vestry liaisons with our current strategic plan. Liaisons and strategic plan “point people” are working to see that all areas of our common life are focused on as we do the work of our church. The areas each initiative will be focusing on are: Adult formation, Children’s formation, Worship, Fellowship, Outreach and Pastoral Care. I am excited with the energy and thoughtfulness  that all groups and committees are using to work together to bring more focus  to our ministries.

Our strategic plan covers the following initiatives and their corresponding numbers:

1.     Develop programs for children, families and youth

2a.  Expand parishioner involvement in Spiritual Formation Programs

2b.  Expand parishioner involvement in Outreach programs.

2c.  Expand parishioner involvement in Fellowship activities

3.    Develop a Welcoming Program and Newcomers ministry

4.    Reestablish, empower, and maintain a Communications Coordination Team

5.   Develop Chinese ministries and Integrate it with English speaking congregation

6.    Nurture the Senior Saints

7.    Develop a robust Annual Giving/Stewardship Program.


Please continue to pray for the members of the Parish Profile committee as they compete this important document. Also pray for the vestry as it makes important decisions about the next steps in the search process.


Your input is always welcome -Juli Kennedy, Senior Warden