Profile Committee Update


A few quotes from the Parish Profile questionnaire


As you all know, parishioners carefully and thoughtfully responded to the Parish Profile questionnaire. We wanted to share a few comments that are helping inform the Parish Profile document that will be built from your input and shared with rector candidates.

What do you think are major obstacles or challenges to the church going forward? One parishioner responded with this . . .

We need to grow the membership and get families to attend services.


What are your hopes and dreams for Church of Our Saviour? One parishioner responded with this . . .

I would like to see the campus alive with people of all ages participating in events, sharing their experiences, and welcoming visitors.


What characteristics, qualities, abilities, and focus would you like to see in our new rector? One parishioner responded with this . . .

One who offers great sermons, has a sense of humor, is involved in the community, and who possesses a kind and loving personality.


Members of the Parish Profile Committee are continuing to tabulate responses to the questions. It is clear that parishioners want to see the church community grow with families becoming involved at all levels.