Join the Annual Giving Campaign


Join the Annual Giving Campaign 2018-2019

Let us Give, Gather and Grow Together


Please pledge early so that we can budget effectively for the next year.  The Church of Our Saviour needs a generous parish in order to sustain itself.  We rely on generous annual pledges from our parishioners.  Weekly plate offerings during our Church services, always important and appreciated,  will not sustain our Church operations and successful ministries.  We count on YOU for your annual pledges,  hopefully, in an amount greater than last year.

Those of you who donate through loose offerings, please consider converting to a pledge. It helps considerably when planning our annual budget. Those of you who do not donate, we ask that you begin to do so this year in any amount which you can afford.  No amount is too small. It is anticipated that new annual pledges could help to Grow our budget by a significant amount this year,  and with your generosity into the future.

Give us your pledge, so we may Gather together and Grow our beautiful Church and its ministries.


With blessings,

The Annual Giving Committee

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