The Pilgrimage Towards Selecting a New Rector

 A pilgrimage is how Rev. Joanna Satorius described the journey the Search Committee  would be embarking on in the process towards selecting a new rector for the Church of Our Saviour.

Rev. Joanna Satorius is the Canon for Transitional Ministries with the Diocese. She met with the Vestry and the Search Committee on Tuesday night (Jan. 22) to describe the process of conducting a search for a new rector.

The Search Committee is headed by Dennis Duling, members include Sharon Crandall, Katherine Feng, Eric Miller, Kit Shenk and Kari Stewart.

The Rector Search Committee

The Rector Search Committee


Our Parish Profile has been submitted to the Diocese. Now a few additional “job description” details are being submitted to the Diocese. The Vestry has decided to embark on a national search. Our information will be posted on the National Church job posting site. (This site is available to clergy only). Interested clergy will submit their names to Rev. Joanna Satorius to be vetted only for possible clergy misconduct. All names of interested clergy will then be given to the Search Committee.

The confidential work of the Search Committee now begins. The Search Committee has the task of reading all biographies, answers to narrative questions and any other written information provided by all potential candidates. The search committee will then schedule video conferences with all potential candidates. The Search Committee will use the Parish Profile as a compass when interviewing candidates.  This is an extensive process. How long this process takes will be dependent on how many candidate names are received. Rev. Satorius stressed the importance of consensus in this process. This is the process that she described as the pilgrimage for members of the Search Committee. Our prayers for the Search Committee are important during this process.

Rev. Satorius has noted that there is strong interest in the position of becoming our next Rector.

As mentioned before, this process requires confidentiality. The Search Committee will report to the Vestry and the congregation where they are in the process/pilgrimage, but no names can be revealed. The confidentiality is necessary for the clergy involved and their current congregations.

At the end of the exhaustive process done but the Search Committee, three finalist names will be given to the Vestry. It then becomes the task of the Vestry to make the call of the new Rector.  The handing off of the names will be done at a weekend retreat. The Search Committee will be decommissioned after the retreat and the Vestry must then discern the names given to them and call the next Rector to the Church of Our Saviour.

If you have any questions about the process we are embarking upon, you can ask any Vestry or Search Committee member. Thank you for your prayers, support and understanding as we, a church family embark on this next journey.