Rector Search Update

The Rector Search Committee has met seven times since being commissioned. Knowing that once we begin reviewing candidates, there will be times of differing opinions, we have spent the front end of our time together getting to know each other and building relationships to position ourselves to better work through such periods.

With the Parish Profile as our guide, we have created a list of attributes we want to see in our next rector. We have reviewed the 12 portfolio narrative questions and answers and determined how we would expand upon those answers if asked to do so by candidates, as well as considering the type of answers we’d like to see from applicants.

We have interviewed search committee chairs from 4 other parishes that have recently called a new rector. We have taken their lessons learned and factored them into our discussions of how we will proceed once we receive our candidate list. This includes such things as how we will pare down the initial list; how we will conduct interviews and whether to conduct site visits.

After speaking with our contact at the Diocese Office this week, we are anticipating the receipt of our candidate list by the end of March.