Prayer Partners

A Lenten Practice

The Opportunity to pray for each other.

Lent is an opportunity to be very intentional in our individual spiritual practices. Some choose to “give up” something. others choose to take on other spiritual practices that prepare each of us for the joy of Easter. This year, the Church of Our Saviour will give our members on opportunity to intentionally pray for each other.

This is an idea that was presented to me by Charlotte Van Fleet. The concept is, each person desiring to be a person praying for other individuals in our parish will be given a list of names. You will pray for that list of people for the duration of Lent. Each week, the theme of the prayer will be different. You can contact the individuals on your list, if you choose, and see if there are concerns that they would like special pray for, or you can pray the general intention for the week.


Week 1: Pray that the individuals on your list might see God in the world around them.

Week 2: Pray that the individuals on your list may feel God’s love in their life.

Each week the focus of the prayer will be slightly different.

This is a wonderful opportunity to create connections with others in our church. Please consider this as a Lenten practice this year. If you are interested in praying for others in our church family, please e-mail or call Juli Kennedy with your name and contact information by Mach 4. Lists will be distributed by Ash Wednesday.

Juli Kennedy :