Dorris Dann Kids Campus Spotlight

Marguerite - Girl Scout award.jpg

On Saturday, April 13, Marguerite Ponce, the Dorris Dan Kids Campus Program Director was honored at the Los Angeles Girl Scouts Council award luncheon.  Marguerite received the Appreciation Pin (picture nearby) for delivering outstanding service to  at least one service unit.  Marguerite was honored because she has “significantly contributed to meeting one or more council goals in membership growth, retention, or increased community visible in one service unit”.    And the story gets even BETTER.  How, you might ask, was Marguerite nominated for the award? Well, a Kids Campus Alumnus, Karin,  who started working there over 20 years ago as a receptionist, nominated Marguerite!  How’s THAT for having  lasting impact in the lives of the people you serve?

Here is just SOME of the glowing testimonials given to Marguerite:

“ Marguerite’s service and enthusiasm in getting girls involved in her partnership troop (on the Dorris Dann Kids Campus), where she currently has 83 girls engaged in Girl Scouts programming, positively impacted Community Outreach goals in El Monte, which is currently recognized as an underserved area by the Girl Scouts.”

“In her capacity as the Campus Director of the Dorris Dann Kids Campus after school program, Marguerite actively engaged Girl Scout resources to provide programming and Girl Scout experiences to the girls at her site.  Marguerite recognized the need for each girl in her program to be given the opportunity to have a Girl Scout experience, particularly because many of them were not able to join a traditional troop.  Marguerite went above and beyond in collaborating with Community Outreach Specialists to provide additional materials and experiences for her girls.”

According to Marguerite, “The Girl Scouts program  at Dorris Dann Kids Campus has made a huge impact in our after-school programming.  Many of the girls finally have the opportunity to experience Girl Scouts for the first time.  The programs offered allow the girls to be themselves!”

Next time you see Marguerite, please thank her for all the hard work she does for the El Monte community!