Dorris Dann Kids Campus Spotlight

What’s it really like to be an Intern at the Dorris Dann Kids Campus?  Our Interns share their experiences…

Hello, my name is Kassie Krueger and I am currently a senior at California State University, Los Angeles. On top of being a student, I am also an athlete at CSLUA, I am part of the women's basketball team. I am set to graduate May 23, 2019, with a bachelor’s degree in Public Health, and I am currently an intern here at the Dorris Dann Kids Campus. The days and times I attend the internship are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Tuesday from 1:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.  My duties at Kids Campus consist of tutoring and mentoring students, supervising gymnasium activities, and having presentations on beauty, health, and anti-bullying. Throughout the day, the Dorris Dann Kids Campus is a positive environment that allows the students to expand their learning and become more well-rounded people. The Dorris Dann Kids Campus teaches the importance of health, education, breaking through barriers, and shattering expectations.  And I am fortunate enough to be part of this experience!

Hello, my name is Sierra Freire and I am an intern at Our Saviour Center’s Dorris Dann Kids Campus. I will be graduating on May 23, 2019 from California State University of Los Angeles with a major in Public Health. The days that I intern are Tuesdays-Fridays mostly from 1-6pm, and while being there I’m able to interact with every student at the campus. At the Dorris Dann Kids Campus I conduct a club where the kids learn to grow their own garden and help them learn about their healthy eating habits.  While the kids do their homework, exercise in the gym, their also able to learn how to paint/draw. I also mentor them in different ways, I see the kids learn new ways each day and I get to help them make the right choices within their actions. With myself being an intern, I can assist the kids individually when asked for help on homework or advice. This experience is great because I not only get to teach the kids something new, but they can learn new ideas as well.