A Thank You Letter

Thank you Family!

For almost 40 years, Church of Our Saviour has been my church home. I have had my own organ jobs, minister, and choir director gigs to take me away, but I could still sing in concert choir performances here. During that time when the second greatest sorrow I have faced occurred (I was widowed at age 30), you have been there. Those of you knew my daughter-in-law, Eve Lynne Reeve, watched with me as her great musical talent was drained from her by illness. You helped me bear my sorrow and shared our grief. You have been patient, kind, and pushed me when I wanted to drop out of EfM because I was too tired. You came out in force last Sunday to bid farewell to Eve Lynne. You sang, played, and prayed with my other son who was here with me. You fellowshipped in Cleaver Hall afterwards. You helped restore my soul so I can go on to another Church of Our Saviour in Okeechobee, Florida, where Eve Lynne will be interred in our family space - where I will join her (many, many years from now, I hope). This phase is over, but I still need you continuing prayers and support and love as I begin a new endeavor using my EfM training to become ordained into the chaplaincy service for Hospice and Hospital care work. Thanks to all of you.

Love and prayers,

Carol Snyder