Praying Towards Sunday

This Sunday is a very momentous day in the life of this Parish.  We are celebrating 17 years of service of Jubilee Homes to the recovering community of the San Gabriel Valley.

I began my tenure at the Church of Our Saviour on July 1, 2002, as the Director of Jubilee Homes—a network of four sober living homes and apartments located in Pasadena and Altadena for adult men and women in recovery from addiction.  Fifty residents at any one time have been given the opportunity to live in a supportive community of their peers to begin a new life in the company of a dedicated Staff and Board and a family of friends. 

Over the years about 1700 people have come to live with us.  Some have established a new life for themselves; some have relapsed; and some have literally died trying.  We work with the former homeless and former inmates, the traumatized and the mentally ill, people whose lives have been ravaged by their own poor choices and often victimized by family and society.

The Jubilee Homes in Pasadena


Through all of this experience we have maintained our own faith and sobriety.  So for all our success in this work and for our own continuing welfare, we give thanks to God.  For our failures we ask for God’s grace and your intercessions.

And we have one more very tangible reason to celebrate:  Each of our four properties is now, as of this June, fully paid for!  This fact alone frees up about $100,000 in annual savings that we can devote to renovating our homes and to providing additional services to renovate the lives that have been entrusted to us.  We are saving money to expand our facilities and we have hired one additional Staff to work personally with our Residents. 

Our dreams for this ministry always outpace our available resources, so we are still in need of your support and your prayers.  And the major contribution that the Church continues to supply in abundance for this ministry is our faith in the ongoing goodness of God. 

And of each of God’s precious children!