Kuddos to so Many Individuals


Lately a number of parishioners have been putting in many hours getting the rectory and the campus ready for the vestry interviews of potential rector candidates.

I would like to thank Scott Kennedy, Sharon Crandall, Peggy O’Leary, Dinah Roberts and Lovey Sherman for all the work they put in getting the rectory ready.  Peggy is the “Power Washer Queen”. She bought the patio area in the rectory back to life, including all the outdoor furniture. It looks fabulous. Sharon Crandall has spent countless hours inside and outside the rectory. She planted azaleas, camellias, lavender, and spruced up the front of the rectory. She also worked scrubbing and working in the kitchen. She and Dinah have made the interview, dining and worship space inviting to our candidates. Dinah’s eye for details help coordinate the indoor and outdoor space, as well as lending some chairs and lamps. Lovey has put her decorating touches to make the spaces beautiful. Lastly, Scott cleaned all the windows and planted beautiful succulent arrangements for the outdoor space at the rectory. Thank you, thank you to all for all your hard work.

Next, have you noticed how fabulous the entry gate looks? Thank you to Von Vine for getting the electronics on the gate to work. Another huge thank you to Patrick Crandall, Ed Andersen, Dennis Duling and Scott Kennedy for sanding and priming the metal work on the gate. It looks so much better already. The gate is now ready for it’s final coat. Patrick will let everyone know when they can grab their paint brushes to put the final coat on the gates.

Thanks so much from Juli