That “In Between Time”

The Opportunity to pray for each other following Fr. Bob’s departure and the starting of a new rector.  

During Lent of this year, we as a parish took on the spiritual practice of praying for each other. For me, it was a powerful experience to pray for individuals that I knew and others that were not familiar to me. I would like to bring back this practice. While the vestry continues to interview and discern the call of a new rector and Fr. Bob is departing as our interim, I would like us, as a church, to pray for each other during this time of anticipation.

The concept is, each person desiring to be a person praying for other individuals in our parish will be given a list of names. You will pray for that list of people from Bob’s departure until our new rector starts. Each week, the theme of the prayer will be different. You can contact the individuals on your list, if you choose,  and see if there are concerns that they would like special pray for, or you can pray the general intention for the week.


Week 1:  Pray that the individuals on your list might feel God’s calming presence during this time of transition.

Week 2: Pray that the individuals on your list may feel God’s love in their life.

Each week the focus of the prayer will be slightly different.

This is a wonderful opportunity to create connections with others in our church. Please consider this is practice of praying for each other as we approach a  new and exciting chapter in the life of our church.  If you are interested in praying for others in our church family, please e-mail  Juli Kennedy with your name and contact information.. Lists will be distributed by July 21.

Juli Kennedy :