Church of Our Saviour calls a new Rector


The Vestry of the Church of Our Saviour is excited to announce that it has called the Rev. Jeffrey D.S. Thornberg to be our next rector . This announcement concludes the search process that started January of 2018 when Father Gary Bradley retired.

Rev. Jeffrey Thornberg comes to the Church of Our Saviour from Fayetteville North Carolina where he is the rector of Holy Trinity Church. Jeffrey brings with him his wife Annie and three children, Eleanor, Harriet and Francie. Jeff’s first Sunday will be Sunday September 8th. We will celebrate the beginning of his ministry with us as well as the birthday of our church.

The Vestry will hold a forum on August 11th to provide more information about the new Rector.

I want to thank everyone that participated in reaching this exciting conclusion. Paul Kilian and the Parish Profile Committee, Dennis Duling and the Search Committee and this Vestry. The time, love, prayer and dedication that went into this process is remarkable and a thank you is not enough.

The family will be arriving is Southern California the last week of August. They will be moving into the Rectory.

We are excited to welcome Rev. Jeffrey Thornberg and his family to the Church of Our Saviour.

- Juli Kennedy, Sr. Warden