Mandarin & English Project at COS

Volunteers Needed for COS Mandarin/English Project

We are seeking volunteers to assist us in the critical process of helping our Mandarin-speaking brothers and sisters at COS to improve their English-speaking skills. You don’t need to know Mandarin, nor do you need a background in language instruction. It‘s a fairly simple process, and most people who are fluent in English can do it.

  • The classes meet on Sunday mornings after the second service—at 11:30—and run for one hour. Teachers are warmly invited, and even encouraged to join their students at the Chinese luncheon in Cleaver Hall at 12:30.

  • Your commitment is typically for one Sunday a month (1st Sunday, or 2nd  Sunday, etc.) although you may participate more often if you wish.

  • Once you are on the schedule, you are asked to find your own sub (from among the other teachers on the list) if you must miss your session, so that students won’t be disappointed but are able to maintain their progress.

The rewards, which are many, include: a class of grateful students, a new set of friends, an opportunity to broaden your and their cultural horizons, a more connected and cohesive parish, and fulfilling God’s command that we give of ourselves to others. The future of our Parish surely involves the bringing together of our English and Mandarin members, and being able to communicate with each other is a key factor in that process.

There are three class levels.

BEGINNING/ENTRY LEVEL for students who know very little English.

Meets: Sundays from 11:30 – 12:30 in Cleaver Hall South.

Instructor: Samantha, a native Chinese student attending Fuller Seminary.

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL for students who ae acquainted with some basic English vocabulary.

Meets: Sundays from 11:30 – 12:30 in a new location to be determined.

Instructors: Need new volunteers . . .

Curriculum: Gary Kinsley has developed lesson plans which he will make available.  A typical lesson includes talking about common daily activities (waking, dressing, eating, working, etc.) and reiterating them in various forms such as: “What do you do every day?” “I walk every day.”

“What does he do every day?” “He walks every day.” And the like.


ADVANCED LEVEL for students becoming more fluent in English.

Meets: Sundays from 11:30 – 12:30 in Allan Hall, upstairs in Brother Dennis Gibbs’ office.

Instructor: Roger Cairns-Berteau

Curriculum: May read excerpts from 6th grade material or engage in a discussion on an announced topic. Discuss the meanings of new words, etc.

If interested, please contact: