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Prayer Partners

The Opportunity to pray for each other.

Lent is an opportunity to be very intentional in our individual spiritual practices. Some choose to “give up” something. others choose to take on other spiritual practices that prepare each of us for the joy of Easter. This year, the Church of Our Saviour will give our members on opportunity to intentionally pray for each other.

This is an idea that was presented to me by Charlotte Van Fleet. The concept is, each person desiring to be a person praying for other individuals in our parish will be given a list of names. You will pray for that list of people for the duration of Lent.

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Lent Madness 2019 The Saintly Smackdown is back!

From Lent Madness Team:

Just when you thought Lent couldn’t possibly become even more penitential, have we got an online hair shirt for you! For the tenth year running, people of faith are filling out saintly brackets and gearing up for the 2019 “saintly smack down.” 

With its unique blend of competition, learning, and humor, Lent Madness allows participants to be inspired by the ways in which God has worked through the lives of saintly souls across generations and cultures. Throughout Lent, thirty-two saints will do battle to win the coveted Golden Halo. Based loosely on the NCAA basketball tournament of a similar name, this online devotion pits saints against one another in a bracket as voters choose their favorites throughout this penitential season.

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