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From the Rector's Desk

Dear Members of the COS Community,

 As the process toward the selection of our next Rector unfolds, it is now time for me, as the Interim Rector, to determine my own timeline toward the conclusion of my tenure here at the Church of Our Saviour.  In consultation with the Senior and Junior Wardens, I have determined that my final Sunday with you will be on July 14, 2019. This will allow for approximately six weeks between my departure and the hoped-for arrival of your next rector in late August or early September.

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Kids in Worship

This may sound incredibly obvious to some of you, but I learned to love going to church… by going to church. And I believe that the kids at Church of Our Saviour will learn to love going to church by going to church as well. So, to that end, we are beginning to include our children in our regular Sunday morning worship service in an intentional way beginning this Sunday, August 26.

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What’s Going On with the Lord’s Prayer at 10 a.m.?

If you have been at our 10 a.m. Sunday service (or our 11 a.m. Wednesday service) since the end of May, you will have noticed that we are using the contemporary form of the Lord’s Prayer during our worship service. Although it’s hard to exactly call it a “new” translation, since it has been a part of our Book of Common Prayer for over 40 years now, it still may be somewhat unfamiliar to many of you.

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Special Summer Services at COS

Beginning this Sunday, July 1, and continuing on the first Sundays of the month in August and September, all of our worshiping congregations are invited to worship in a space outside of our usual and customary surroundings. On July 1 (and again on September 2) the English-language and Chinese-language congregations will be “trading spaces”, with the English-language worship at 8 and 10 a.m. in Grace Chapel, and the Chinese-language worship at 10 a.m. in the main church.

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Let Us Pray...

Several people have asked me in the past few months, “When did we stop kneeling to pray here at the Church of Our Saviour?” My first response to them is, “As far as I know, we haven’t.” However, a slightly longer response is also in order.

If the real question being asked is, “When did we all stop kneeling simultaneously to pray here at the Church of Our Saviour?”, then my response is somewhat different. I certainly cannot speak about our corporate prayer posture before I arrived in mid-February, but I can say that my own understanding of corporate worship doesn’t call for us to pray in the same way.

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A Word from the Interim Rector

Greetings everyone!  Please allow me to introduce myself electronically to you all. My name is Bob Honeychurch, and I began as your new Interim Rector this past Monday. It is a real joy for me to walk alongside the Church of Our Saviour community during this time of transition between rectors. In my short time with you so far, I have found you all to be a wonderful group of faithful, passionate, and committed Christians who gather in this beautiful place as God’s holy people.

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Praying Towards Sunday

Our Hope for Years to Come

The ever-rolling stream of time has borne Peg and me to this Sunday's celebration of 100 years.
Peg entered the Convent of the Sisters of Loretto in 1972 and I entered Regina Cleri Seminary in 1962. That's 45 plus 55 years ago.
Peg graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a double major in Education and Special Ed in 1978 and taught in parochial schools for 23 years.

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Stewardship Update (Revised)

With gratitude for everyone's generosity, we are much closer to our goal of wrapping up stewardship 2018 -- "You are the Light of the World" -- earlier than in past years!  We have a unique budget challenge this year with regard to our important Rector Transition process, and having your pledge commitments recorded earlier is key to effective planning. So, thank you very much!

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