Church of our saviour is a beautiful place to celebrate your special day!

The Church of Our Saviour is very popular because of the beauty and spirituality found here, but we are not a “wedding chapel”; rather, we offer the Church’s blessing upon those who seek the true presence of Christ in their lives. A wedding is much more than a social gathering. Marriage is a Sacrament of the Christian Church, as well as a solemn and public covenant between two people in the presence of God.

We are happy to make our church available for the weddings of non-members, and if you fit in this category, we encourage you to attend at least one Sunday worship service prior to submitting an application to have your wedding here. If you are not presently attending Our Saviour, we also ask that you begin doing so; if we are going to be an important part of your life, we want you to be part of ours as well. We do not require you to join the church in order to be married here, but we do hope that you will worship while you are preparing for your marriage. In this way you will come to know us and understand our traditions. The priest who meets with you to discuss your marriage will also help you to feel at home in this wonderful congregation.

Rebecca Rasmussen, Wedding Coordinator

Rebecca Rasmussen, Wedding Coordinator

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A few examples and video of Weddings at COS!